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new lyric video “seven”


New single out now!

"seven" lyric video out now!



Rooftop is a modern rock band from Bahrain, fusing classic hard rock, fusion and pop to ambient and atmospheric music with melodic and expressive vocals.

Drawing their influences from the likes of U2, The Police and The Cure, the band’s sound is designed to uplift and inspire, while being inclined to direct listeners to a state of optimistic bliss.

The band was formed in 2013, when guitarist Ehab Faraj persuaded bassist Ali Khunji to pick up the bass again after a 10 year long hiatus to collaborate and make music. The search for a drummer didn’t last long when Abdulla Muijrers came into the picture and completed the trio, thus forming Rooftop. The trio connected instantly as a unit and before they knew it the creative juices flowed in abundance.

After countless hours and many sleepless nights, Rooftop’s music is finally ready to be received by the masses.  So join us in welcoming Bahrain’s latest musical sensation where you are guaranteed to have this album on full frontal repeat!

meet the band


Ehab Faraj

Our guitarist-in-chief and the main inspiration behind Rooftop.  A virtuoso in his own right, more interested in creating wholesome authentic music than showing off technical skills.  A true tone chaser at heart with a great sense of melody, he’s the main instigator of the song writing process with endless creativity on tap. 

Having started the guitar at the tender age of 13, Ehab has consistently been part of several projects, be it pursuing his own musical interests or as a session musician for other artists and has been prominent on the live scene, both in Cyprus and the United States.

Initially influenced by the likes of Whitesnake, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson, Ehab went on to discover vast volumes of music styles and genres all adding to his influences and repertoire alike. 

After a seven-year hiatus, Ehab took it upon himself to reignite his passion for music, motivating himself and others to collaborate in creating something meaningful and Rooftop was born.


Ali Khunji

With a vast musical influence in his upbringing, motorcycle enthusiast Ali was surrounded by musicians growing up which naturally prompted his interest in the art of making music.

Music became a serious pursuit for him from the very young age of 15 and Ali has never looked back since. As a self-taught bass player, he picked up the instrument and has been part of numerous hard rock and progressive rock bands since the mid-eighties, be it in Bahrain, Cyprus or the United States.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical inspirations and he is keen to point out that everything he listens to completes his musical development in some way.

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Abdulla Muijrers

Abdulla has been playing the drums since the age of 14. Having graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Master’s degree in music industry studies, he has gone on to perform with countless bands in Bahrain, the Netherlands and the UK.

Most notably he has been the pillar of one of Bahrain’s first and finest all original heavy metal bands, which went on to release several albums and a split live DVD. 

In 2007, he was also a founding member and drummer for a rock band based out of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where he was also featured as a songwriter on the band’s debut release.

Abdulla has also been involved professionally in the industry of Musical Instruments for the last 12 years; 9 of which have been at Bahrain’s largest importer and retailer of musical instruments and supplies.



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